Lose the middle man (part 1)

How can anyone afford to sell ‘lower value’ domains via SEDO?

As domainers we know that not every sale is going to be worth mega bucks, in fact a consistent stream of smaller sales is very important revenue stream to many domain investors.

On a £100 domain sale you will make just £46 after SEDO fees.

High Fees, Low Added Value
High Fees, Low Added Value

Lets say you make 10x£100 domain sales a year.

So based on SEDO fees: £1000 minus £520 SEDO Fee = £480 over 50% of your profit down the drain.🙁

Don’t forget, after this you probably need to take off another hefty % for the tax man. In the UK that’s 20%, so minus £96 = £384 take home from £1000 worth of domain sales, when the figure could have been £904! Lets look at that again – £904 take home or £384 take home

Take Back Control

We’re selling domain names, not trying to put men on the moon. Keep it simple – be confident in your ability. Many domain sales transactions have taken place each day for decades using good old fashioned trust: seller sends invoice, buyer pays full fee, seller transfers domain – everyone is happy!

A commission free domain parking service like domainmanage.com you can still park your domain portfolio, but this transaction could be carried out between yourself and the buyer direct, saving everyone lots of money and time.


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