Instant Affiliate Adsense – Domain Microsite Creator

A new feature being offered at Domain Manage:

  • a configurable
  • one page
  • responsive
  • micro-site

..for use on those domains with some traffic that you do not want to sell yet.

The bonus is you only need input your adsense or affiliate code in your control panel one time only, and it will display across your whole portfolio. (you can have multiple ad types – this example uses 970×250 adsense unit which I growing fond of as it bulks things out nicely and offers rich ad content)

  • you can enter any ad code you like – Aff window code, Adsense etc
  • add any text content you like
  • edit content with basic WYSIWYG editor
  • turn on or off your contact details in footer.
  • edit Title and Description meta tags, change top image
  • make your ads display anywhere in the page simply by adding a little code e.g. {advert2}

Now the thing is we all know you can blast Adsense anywhere you want, but you may be in breach of Adsense terms and conditions and thus get a slap from Google.

This one page site gives a you a framework to create something quickly from a newly registered domainon a scale, and you should be within basic quality guidelines… so its down to you to research a bit of content to add some value to the user :) or if you’re no good at writing, maybe the content writers here can provide some unique content.

In a nutshell, it should only be a one time thing on the domains you want to monetize traffic on… then just let them float out there – you keep 100% of all revenue.

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