Verified November 2016 Sales

(this sales report contains only a selection of some of the sales reported and verified by

Inbound end user sales resulting directly from landing pages: – [sold in the: £300-£500 price range] – [sold in the: £300-£500 price range]

Seller Portfolio: Pendragon (

Domain manage Sales Price Ranges:

£50-£250 / £300-£500 / £550-£750 / £800-£1000 / £1250-£2500 / £3000-£5000 / £6000-£8500 / £9000-£12000 / £13000-£15000 / £15000+ / £20000+ / £30000+ / £50000+

Domain Offer – 1 Click E-mail Verification

Stop the trolls and bogeyman wasting your time.

Buyers must now do a very simple ‘1 click’ e-mail verification to submit an offer on your domain. This stops time wasters and spam and creates a trusted and transparent sales process between seller and buyer.

This is a one-time process for buyers, once they are on the system, they can submit offers to any domain without the need to verify their email.

Don’t forget all sales via Domain Manage are commission free! You keep it all!

Domain Manage (November) Top 5 new domains

It’s always good to have a mix of EMD’s and more creative names in your portfolio.
Ideal for many applications: data recovery services. Family history.
High traffic domain, for info on the cult movie franchise starring ‘The Rock’.
A growing service of the future already becoming reality.
Not often you get a chance to own this popular girls name – I once dated an ‘issy!’.

I growing area of uncertainty where people will be looking for information based guide or professional services.

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